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Car Freshie

Scent your car with these fun shaped and awesome scented car freshies! They are handmade and hand scented, made from aroma beads and essential oils. These freshies smell year round but any source of heat makes them smell even stronger. Be sure to check out each shape and their unique scent! 


Cow - Caramel Pecan

Scrub Top - Pear Vanilla

Starbucks - Coconut Pumpkin Latte

Baby Yoda - Duck Farts

Pig - Maple Pancakes

Baseball - Fresh Linen

Copenhagen - Mahogany Teakwood

Louis Vuitton - Amber Romance

Leopard Cross - Warm the Soul

Sunflower - Coconut

Teacher - Pink Sugar

Ain't No Laws - Sex on the Beach

Mama Tried - Pina Colada

Leopard Rainbow - Warm Vanilla Sugar

Twisted - Tahiti Island Dream

Antler w/ Sunflowers - Flannel

Candy Corn - Caramel Pecan

Ombre Pumpkin - Pumpkin Muffin

Football w/ Ohio Logo - Mahogany Teakwood

Football w/ Mom Logo - Sweater Weather

Football w/ Cleveland Logo - New Car

Truck w/ Pumpkin - Pumpkin Muffin

Fall Leaf - Warm Vanilla Sugar

Horse - Crazy Cowgirl