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8 oz Candle

Try one of our perfectly crafted, hand poured, soy wax candles. Available in 6 different scents. One, if not all, is sure to draw you in.



Coffee - Warm, rich, coffee shop

Chocolate - Your favorite gooey chocolately bar

Cranberry - Customer Favorite! Fresh, sweet Cranberries

Spa Day - Fresh linen and clean

Black Tuxedo - Smells like your favorite, black tie man. Mahogany Teakwood.

Caramel Frappe - Warm Coffee and Caramel.

Cowboy Campfire - Campfire, cigar smoke and musk.

Barnwood - Fresh, clean with hints of musk.

Banana Cream Pie - Like a fresh piece of Banana Cream Pie. With Whipped Cream! Pieces of Wax Banana and Whipped Cream!

Almond Rum Cake - Rum with hints of Vanilla.

Cereal Killer - Smells like a bowl of Fruit Loops! Made with Wax Fruit Loop Pieces!

Lemon Pound Cake - Fresh Lemon with hints of Vanilla. Made with a Wax Lemon on top!

Cannabis Rose - Fresh Rose. Made with a Large Green Wax Flower on Top!

Birthday Cake - Smells Like Birthday Cake with Real Vanilla. Dollops of Wax Icing and Sprinkles on Top!